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Beni Trutmann contest celebrates photographers and displays winning submissions

foto 2021 BeniT AThe Formentera Department of Culture reports that prizes were distributed yesterday for the 18th Beni Trutmann photography contest. Fifty-one participants shared 139 photographs across the different categories. Black and white, colour and social justice categories saw 21 adepts submitting 61 of their best shots, while the category of smartphone snaps received another thirty contenders’ 78 photographs.

Victoria Gibert won first prize in the colour category for her photograph of the erosion-sculpted sandstone so characteristic of the local coastline. The artist claims visions of sand giants, hammer and chisel in hand, were clear to her as she shot the winning submission. Second-place winner Marcos Colomar Verdera describes his entry as a tribute to his güelo (grandfather), who, at 90, still makes esparto grass baskets with the same enthusiasm as when he was a boy. Josep López Vañó’s third-prize photograph was taken in Punta Prima as the artist searched for the perfect spot for wintertime squid-fishing.

Black and white
First prize in the black and white category went to Wolfgang Wicher for a photo he took in 1965 at age 14 on his first trip to Formentera. In the foreground, Toni, a fisherman, prepares for one of his daily outings. Pictured in Javier Sánchez Gómiz’s second-place-winning entry is a dry dock in Es Caló on one of those cloudy, half-rainy winter days. Joan Ribas scored his third-place win after zooming in on the hands of his mother, making bread the traditional way.

Josep López Vañó came away winner in the contest’s politically-engaged category for an image of a mask at the bottom of the sea. Vañó determined to capture the shot after an experience last August, when he counted a total of 24 discarded masks on his 2.5km journey from home to work. No second or third prizes were awarded.

Winning entries in colour, black and white and social justice categories scored photographers €500 (first prize), €300 (second prize) and €200 (third prize).

Winning youth contenders in the smartphone shots category were Jana Yern Majoral won first prize, with second and third prizes going to Ana Córdoba Mures and Aya Assadbuuh, respectively. They won a Kodak Friendly Zoom FZ201 digital camera (first prize), a Kodak Pixpro FZ53 digital camera (second) and a Sunstech Andrenaline sports camera (third).

Winning photographs and selected other submissions can be seen in the “Ajuntament Vell” exhibition space, 4–15 May, 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm, except on Monday mornings and Sundays, when the gallery is closed.

Culture chief Susana Labrador encouraged islanders to check out the display and thanked participants for submissions, insisting, “Each one is the perfect reminder of what this contest is all about”. The Beni Trutmann photo competition was originally conceived as an homage to the brilliant Swiss photographer who left the island with an archive of more than thirty thousand prints reflecting a deep love of Formentera’s natural beauty. It’s the reason organisers encourage contenders to put the island front and centre: whether through landscapes, flora and fauna or humans in nature, submitted photos are a way to promote a commitment to the environment.

4 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera cinema’s newest features, “Idò mata’ls” and “Idò remata’ls”, cast island-folk in a gangster saga

cartell 2021 ido matalsThis Friday and Sunday at Formentera’s Sala de Cultura–Cinema, two short films from Ibizan director Javier Riera are part of a saga whose roots stretch back to 2005. That’s when Riera, then a youthful student in audiovisual arts, wrote and filmed Idò mata’l  as a 25-minute send-up of his film noir favourites set against the unmistakeable backdrop of the White Isle. Shot with the help of friends, Riera’s short wins Sant Antoni Short Film Fest’s audience pick, and in one fell swoop secures Idò mata’l an overnight cult following for the filmmaker’s deft combination of surreal humour, cinematic nods and everyday elements of cultura eivissenca.

Fast-forward eleven years. Not only is the saga’s first instalment still fresh in fans’ minds, but a production company is now in the wings, and Riera sets out to make a sequel. Idò remata’ls is filmed with a new set of tools and the familiar shoestring budget. Boosted by financial backing from a GoFundMe initiative and a uniquely spirited social media campaign, the short becomes a breakout hit and instant archetype of Pine Islands humour.

Idò mata’ls and Idò remata’ls will play at the local Sala de Cultura–Cinema from 8.00pm on Friday and Saturday (7 and 9 May). Tickets are available at www.entradesformentera.cat or thirty minutes before showtime at the box office.

3 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera celebrates International Dance Day

To celebrate International Dance Day, 29 April, students of the Consell’s Escola de Música i Dansa took to social media to share a video. Dancers provide the video’s voice-over, a reading of this year’s manifesto. The text, in which the ongoing pandemic looms distinctly, was co-written by leading Stuttgart Ballet dancer Friedemann Vogel. It is reproduced below:

“Everything starts with movement; it is an instinct we all share. Dance, for its part, is movement refined in an effort to communicate something. As much as impeccable technique is important and impressive, the essence is what the dancer expresses within this movement.

As dancers, we are in constant movement, aspiring to create moments that are unforgettable. This is what every dancer, of every genre, strives to achieve. So when we are suddenly deprived of performance, with theatres closed and festivals cancelled, our worlds come to a standstill. There is no physical contact. No performances. No audience. Never in recent history has the dance community been collectively challenged to stay motivated, to find its raison d’être.

Yet it is precisely now when something precious has been taken away from us that we truly appreciate how vital what we do is and how much dance means to society at large. Often, the physical prowess of dancers is praised, when, in reality, we are even more sustained by our mental strength. I believe that this unique combination of physical and psychological agility will help us to better ourselves, to reinvent ourselves to continue to dance and inspire”.

29 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Photo fans gear up for Monday 3 May opening of 18th Beni Trutmann exhibition

cartell 2021 beni TThe Formentera Department of Culture reports that on Monday 3 May, staff at the municipal exhibition space will pull back the curtain on a selection of entries from the 18th Beni Trutmann photo contest. The display will include the categories of Colour, Black and White, Social Justice, Youth and Smartphone Shots, plus various other submissions.

Islanders can see the exhibition at Sala d’Exposicions “Ajuntament Vell”, 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm, Monday to Saturday, 4 to 15 May 2021. The gallery is closed Sundays and Monday mornings. Awards for this year’s contest will be handed out at 6.00pm on Monday 3 May.

29 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

2021 Formentera Film devotes session to local youth

cartell 2021 ff2021FF2021 (Formentera Film 2021) gets started 1 May, and this year’s opening session is one for local youth. The evening of screenings will be presented by Xènia Fuertes, with viewers gathering under the stars and outside the Casal de Joves from 8.30pm. Capacity at the free event is limited, but admission is open to all youth over 12.

The session will comprise seven short films —documentaries, fiction and animated features— plus a handful of “extrafest” videos. Later in the evening, the audience will pick the best of the bunch, with the winner to be announced the evening of 15 May. Attendees will also have the chance to see a video shot in April with participants in the Casal de Joves’ street-dance course.

Other extrafest programming will include screenings of two films: On és Pere Miquel, a short made during a FF2019 workshop, and Help, filmed over four days during the same festival.

The following programme of screenings for 1 May can also be found online at www.formenterafilm.com:

Nicholas Chin, Ernest Zacharevic
Indonesia | 2019 | 4'03" | documentary
Nata Metlukh
USA | 2019 | 7'37" | animated feature
Nick Hartanto, Sam Roden
USA | 2019 | 12'34" | fiction
Engin Erden
Turkey | 2020 | 12'26" | fiction
Carmen Córdoba González
Spain | 2020 | 9' | animated feature
Renata Diniz
Brazil | 2020 | 14'58" | fiction
Nicolás Sole (scheduled to attend screening)
Spain | 2020 | 10'45" | animated feature

Presented by Formentera Film
in association with Formentera Casal de Joves
4′ | 2021 | Formentera, Balearic Islands

Short film shot over four days at FF2019.
Directed by Niccolò Falsetti
Produced by Formentera Film
4' | 2019 | Formentera, Balearic Islands
Short film shot during LET’S MAKE A SHORT FF2019

FF2021 programming, scheduled to take place between 12 and 16 May, will be released shortly. The local departments of culture and tourism collaborate with FF2021.

27 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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