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Formentera launches “The road’s for all of us” highway safety push

foto-a-la-carretera 2Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer was joined by councillors of mobility and interior Rafael González and Josep Marí, respectively, in unveiling the Consell de Formentera’s winter campaign to promote safety on the highway – an effort she described as “tuned to educate islanders about the dangers we face when we get behind the wheel”.

The push’s associated posters feature numerous Formentera residents in everyday situations —in a car, on a motorcycle, atop a bicycle— reminding us that “the road’s for all of us”. “There are three parts to the message”, explained Ferrer: “Please, don’t speed, don’t drink and don’t drive distracted. These are the three main causes of accidents on our roads”.

The posters have been up since yesterday at lighted display cases across the island, they will also be placed near main roads. A special dissemination effort will be activated in traditional media outlets and on social media. According to President Ferrer: “The campaign appeals to people’s sense of community. We want Formentera residents to understand that the other driver on the road could be a neighbour, a friend, or a family member”.

Map of roads
Some 2,360 brochures have been printed with the campaign’s core images and a fold-out map of the island. The text highlights the fact that Formentera is a small island and, though it’s easy to think we’re danger-free, anytime a vehicle is in motion, extreme caution must be exercised. Plenty of surprises can appear suddenly, like sudden turn-offs in the countryside, a crossing animal, or special vehicles and cyclists.

Councillor González pointed out that all the information in the pamphlets has been specifically adapted for Formentera roads and the particular characteristics of the island, “so drivers take note”, he said. The tracts also feature a review of basic aspects of traffic and safety codes, which, González said: “Everyone is expected to respect”.

Brochures and informational posters will be dispatched to the Citizen Information Office (OAC), the Antoni Blanc fitness centre, Christmas Market, Marià Villangómez Library, offices of the Consell de Formentera, Casa del Poble, Casal de Joves, Sant Ferran library connection and the harbour. The campaign was designed by FARO Communications for a total cost of €4,961.

Patrols by local law enforcement
In Councillor Marí’s words: “This year has been a tough one, with many very serious accidents on the highway. Five people lost their lives and, particularly since many of the victims were Formentera residents, the decision was made to devote this winter to building awareness”.

Running parallel with the new push, to ensure drivers are heeding the message, there will be speed checks and drug and alcohol tests by Formentera local police and Guardia Civil.

Youth outreach
There will also be a special outreach campaign among young people. Wednesday, 18 December, at 12 noon, the Sala de Cultura-Cinema will be the scene of an info session for Marc Ferrer High School pupils who are old enough to drive scooters (year three and up).

Councillor Marí will review the main points of the campaign, local police offers will talk about traffic accidents and how to prevent them and an ER doctor will explain how similar cases are handled and what the consequences are. At the end, attendees will hear from victims, who will share their first-hand experiences with the psychological and physical consequences of a serious accident.

Taxi drivers
Finally, the president of Formentera’s association of taxi drivers, José Antonio Ferrer, reminded the entire island that taxis are available 24 hours a day, on Christmas and the other 364 days of the year. The service can be requested by calling Radio Taxi Formentera, 971 32 23 42.

13 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Court upholds panel system used by Consell de Formentera to vet temp hires

Holding the suit “lacked any legal basis”, Palma's number three court for contentious administrative proceedings threw out a case filed in 2018 by Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT, General Workers' Union) regarding the selection process that the Consell de Formentera uses to vet non-permanent employees.

The ruling by Judge Pedro Antonio Mas Cladera upholds the Formentera government's temporary staff selection process, which it qualified as “reactive, in tune with the principles of the constitution and adapted to local needs”.

In response to a series of claims alleged over the last two years by UGT, the court ruled out any question of irregularities, confirming that the Formentera government’s procedure for selecting staff is “perfectly legal”.

The plaintiffs had taken issue with two procedures in particular employed in the selection of new personnel, although the ruling is generally applicable to all employee contracts with comparable terms signed over the previous legislative term.

UGT had argued that rules for career public servants should apply to temporary hires as well, which would have meant selection panels must be staffed exclusively by career public servants.

The Consell's legal service warned of grave consequences had the plaintiffs' suit proved successful, since the scarcity of career public servants would have made Formentera dependent on other islands to fill employee selection panels. That would mean losing autonomy, added travel costs and further obstacles to finding staff familiar with the particularities of Formentera and local government.

The magistrate conceded the uniqueness of Formentera's situation and that a firm grasp of its particularities was crucial, asserting that “this specific configuration of hiring panels is a function of time constraints inherent to the hiring process and the short supply of career civil servants”.

12 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Consell and Red Cross team up to host two volunteer sessions on Formentera this weekend

sessio---la-mola-13-12-20191This weekend, the Eivissa-Formentera Red Cross and the Formentera social welfare department will stage two events at the weekend aimed at encouraging islanders to engage in volunteer action.

The first, which takes place tomorrow (Friday) at 6.00pm in La Mola's Casa del Poble, is an information session about ongoing Red Cross projects and what to do to get involved.

Saturday 14 December comes with a special gathering for volunteers. Unfolding from 11.00am to 2.00pm in Sant Francesc's Plaça de la Constitució, the day-long event, or jornada, will include basic CPR training, immobilisation demos, functional stimulation activities, recycling workshop and games for children.

Volunteer day canceled to due rough weather
The Department of Social Welfare reports that, in light of the forecast bout of inclement weather, the volunteer training initially scheduled for tomorrow, 13 December, in the morning and afternoon, is canceled until further notice. The Consell de Formentera extends its apologies to volunteers and is hopeful the programme will be held after the Christmas holidays. The training was organised with support from the regional and local governments by the Plataforma del Voluntariat.

12 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera pushes year-round rustic beach bars as one more reason to visit in winter

foto-quiosquets-31Earlier this week, Formentera’s tourism promotion department embarked on an effort to spotlight local beach bars open in the winter.

The campaign has meant the launch of www.escapada.formentera.es, a dedicated educational mini-site that visitors can find a link to on the Formentera tourism office website. The page contains all the information about the eight quiosquets open for business weekends and holidays year-round.

“We’ve gathered together details like location, description and signature specialties of all the beach bars that stay open in the low season”, said Formentera’s president and tourism consellera, Alejandra Ferrer. “Our hope is that not only locals, but tourists and visitors from other islands too will enjoy this secret that winter keeps son Formentera.”

Raffling a trip to Formentera
The web page also pitches another perk: the chance to win a holiday for two to Formentera. The prize includes three nights’ lodging for two plus breakfast, rental car, ferry tickets and a sampling of typical gastronomy in a traditional restaurant. The drawing will take place Monday, 9 March 2020, and the prize can be used either before 31 May 2020 or after 18 September 2020, but not in the high season.

The campaign will be promoted across traditional and social media, and on the Internet. Travelers from the rest of the archipelago, particularly Eivissa, and likely to be swayed to visit Formentera in the low season, form the core of the campaign’s target audience.

The eight beach bars currently open for business in winter are located along Migjorn beach, at Es Caló des Mort, Cala Saona and Es Pujols. The advertising campaign is part of a programme called “Strategic Tourism Segments” (SETS).

12 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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