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La campanya “Vidre per Posidònia” es tanca a Formentera amb una entrega de premis

foto 2020 vidre per posidonia 1El conseller de Medi Ambient del Consell de Formentera, Antonio J Sanz, ha assistit avui a l’acte de tancament de campanya “Vidre per Posidònia” d’Ecovidrio, que ha tengut lloc avui en el camí de sa Guia de Formentera. A l’acte també ha assistit el gerent de zona d’Ecovidrio, Roberto Fuentes, el conseller de Medi Ambient d’Eivissa i el coordinador de l’àrea Marina del GEN-GOB, entre d’altres personalitats i representants d’entitats i clubs premiats.

Ecovidrio és una entitat sense ànim de lucre encarregada de la gestió del reciclatge de residus a nivell nacional. El Consell de Formentera i el Consell d’Eivissa en col·laboració amb els Ajuntaments d’Eivissa, Sant Antoni de Portmany, Santa Eulària des Riu, Sant Joan i Sant Josep varen posar en marxa el passat mes de febrer la campanya “Vidre per Posidònia”, una iniciativa de sensibilització i comunicació dirigida als clubs esportius de futbol, perquè els esportistes prenguessin consciència de la importància de reciclar els residus d’envasos de vidre.

Per a la posada en marxa de la campanya, que es va desenvolupar durant el mes de febrer i al març va quedar aturada per mor de l’estat d’alarma, es varen col·locar dos contenidors en forma de pilota de futbol a les dues illes. A més, es varen decorar contenidors amb la imatge de campanya a les rodalies de les instal·lacions esportives dels clubs perquè els esportistes, entrenadors i familiars dipositessin els envasos de vidre.

Entrega de premis
En total, segons ha explicat el gerent d’Ecovidrio, s’han recollit 7.000 kg d’envasos de vidre durant el temps de durada de la campanya. Els beneficis de la campanya s’han destinat a uns premis que s’han repartit avui en aquest acte. Per una banda, s’han donat 1.000€ per aportació de material de submarinisme per a l’associació GEN-GOB, entitat que treballa en la conservació de les praderies de posidònia d’Eivissa i Formentera.

D’altra banda, s’han donat xecs per valor de 200€ per a l’adquisició de material esportiu als següents clubs: Penya Independent de Sant Joan per “Vidre al contenidor”; el CD Ibiza Islas Pitiusas per “Pitiuso de cor”; la SD Portmany per la difusió que va realitzar de la campanya en xarxes socials; i el Rapid CF per la iniciativa “Pinta el teu escut i recicla l’ampolla”.

Per part seva, el conseller de Medi Ambient del Consell de Formentera, Antonio J Sanz ha agraït a Ecovidrio la realització d’aquesta campanya que consciencia als boixos i al·lots dels clubs entorn a la importància del reciclatge del vidre, “ja que és una les fraccions que més capacitat de reciclatge té, i el seu correcte reciclatge és vital per la protecció del medi ambient”. A més, el conseller ha destacat que la campanya tengui caràcter pitiús perquè han de ser les dues illes les que protegeixen un recurs tan important com és la Posidònia oceànica.

14 de juliol de 2020
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

Formentera adds name to fire prevention push

The Formentera offices of interior and environment have joined a wildfire prevention campaign piloted by the Balearic government. The drive is directed at islanders who live or own property in the countryside and owners of dwellings which are located near forests.

Islanders who work the land can reduce the risk of fire by directing special attention to the perimeter of their property and removing nearby vegetation. Other recommended measures include keeping grass cut near drystone walls and breaking up homogenous planted material to reduce the risk that a fire traverse large stretch of land.

In an effort to create safe buffer zones, islanders near forests are encouraged to clear a 30-metre radius around their home. Tree tops should be trimmed if they are less than three metres from a home or from other trees, as should any trees over three metres tall. Thirty per cent of underbrush should also be cleared.

Interior conseller Josep Marí said islanders’ collaboration on safety protocol was pivotal to preventing fires, “particularly during high-risk periods like summertime”. Antonio J Sanz, who heads the environment department, reminded residents of the ban on fires and controlled burns currently in effect in forested areas.

The Consell de Formentera will promote the campaign on social media and among islanders at large.

6 July 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Underwater and coastal cleanup at Ses Illetes

cartell 2020 dia medi ambientThe Formentera Department of Environment has scheduled a cleanup of the Ses Illetes shoreline and seafloor in commemoration of World Environment Day tomorrow, Friday 5 June. The two-part effort will see volunteers teaming up with Plastic-Free Formentera to comb Ses Illetes beach and, from 4.00pm, divers from Formentera Divers and Vellmarí combing debris from the nearby seafloor.

As to the timing of the cleanup, environment chief Antonio J Sanz highlighted the current absence of mooring ships, and the recent revelation by diving enthusiasts concerning a build-up of debris in the area. Conseller Sanz hailed the collaboration of the diving centres and environmental group Plastic-Free Formentera.

In compliance with Covid-19 protocols on the beach and in the water, participants must sign up in advance. Islanders wishing to take part in the shoreline cleanup should send an email to plasticfreeformentera@gmail.com. Volunteers for the underwater effort are asked to contact info@formenteradivers.com formentera@vellmari.com. Space is limited.

4 June 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Es Pujols, first smoke-free Formentera beach

foto 2020 es pujolsThe Consell de Formentera reminds islanders that this year for “Smoke-Free Week” (Semana sin humo), Es Pujols beach will earn a new distinction, becoming the first stretch of the Formentera shoreline to be included in the Balearic Directorate General of Public Health’s initiative to wipe smoking from beaches. Seven other beaches on Mallorca and Menorca are already on the list, plus Eivissa’s Cala d’Hort, which was the first on the larger Pine Island to participate.

The aim of the move, according to environment conseller Antonio J Sanz, is to “encourage and incentivise healthy habits while pressing beachgoers to keep natural spaces clean”. Sanz pointed out that plastics and cigarette butts are the most common types of improperly discarded rubbish on the Formentera seaboard.

31 March, World Tobacco-Free Day
Smoking is considered by the World Health Organisation to be the leading cause of preventible sickness and death. In the years since the creation of Smoke-Free Week, the final week in May has been marked by an array of activities designed to educate the public about the negative effects of smoking and second-hand smoke. The Balearic health ministry is also reminding people in the region that assistance is now available for individuals seeking a pharmaceutical plan to help them quit. Since the start of 2020, doctors have been able to prescribe varenicline and bupropion, two of the three treatments available.

The Consell has also added its name to the public health directorate’s “Smoke-Free Smile” annual outreach effort (somriuresensefum.caib.es). The recently updated page contains helpful information and tips about quitting smoking for the public and for healthcare professionals.

30 May 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Calling to mind traditional uses, Consell offers up 5,000m3 posidonia cleared from coasts

foto 2020 retirada posi1The Formentera Department of Environment reports that, after a four-week operation that saw crews pull close to 5,000 cubic metres of posidonia seagrass from Cala Saona and Ses Illetes beaches, island residents are being encouraged to request their share.

“This is a great chance to put to work one of our most treasured natural assets”, said department chief Antonio J Sanz. Posidonia has historically had an array of uses: as animal bedding or tilling fields, for instance, or as isolation in country homes.

Islanders interested in repurposing some of the seagrass can visit the Àrea de Medi Ambient, make an inquiry via the OVAC, call 971 32 10 87 or send an email to mediambient@conselldeformentera.cat. The posidonia will be dropped off at no charge, and requests will be granted of up to three truckloads per person.

Conseller Sanz highlighted the collaboration that brought together municipal crews and the coastal authority over the past month. “They’ve kept beaches clean and other infrastructure operational even during these trying times of public health emergency”, he said.

This year’s posidonia haul amounts to ten times the volume removed in 2019, a change likely explained by natural factors like storms, which can trigger greater volumes of seagrass turning up on the coastline.

13 May 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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